The Importance of Staying in Shape

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The Importance of Staying in Shape

It may sound shallow and stupid, but our culture has been focusing on those with the privilege of slender figures and stunning looks. It is unfortunate to say that those with a rather bulky appearance and standard look may not have many chances. People who belong to the first group are typically the ones who keep checking their body fat charts and end up exercising more to achieve certain goals. While it should not be the only cause, there are indeed several benefits of staying in shape.

This article is written not to drop your mood and hope, but rather as a motivation to stay healthy. Remember that our culture has a unique view of slim people, stating that they tend to be healthier. However, note that it is not always the case. If you are currently still looking into references to motivate you to exercise regularly, below are several advantages that you can expect if you stay in shape.

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Better Look

It is obvious that those with a slender and slim body are perceived to be good looking. While it is true that different people may have different preferences about the definition of beauty, most people still have such a perception. What makes it worse is that they tend to generalize thing and go further by saying that people with a fat body are not good looking. If you indeed feel intimidated by such a way of thinking, you need to know that exercising to stay in shape never kills anyone. Instead, you will get major benefits if you always put it on the agenda and make it your daily habit. Those with such determination will eventually spread positive mood, making you look even better.


a person exercising indoorsAnother reason why you need to stay in shape is health. Although it is not always true that slim people are healthier, the excessive fat body is known to cause some severe health issues, such as cholesterol and heart attack.

Those who eat junk food regularly also have a higher chance of suffering from obesity, which will significantly affect their health. If you are one of those who do not like to follow today’s beauty standards, making health as an excuse to stay in shape will undoubtedly bring you benefits.


If you are still doubtful about how you will start exercising to keep your body in shape, thinking about wearing your favorite fashion items will surely light up the mood. You need to keep in mind that staying in shape means you can wear anything you want without having to struggle to find the right sizes.