Makeup Tips for Everyday Look

Makeup is fun to play around with because there is no rule to it. You are free to use any products as you will, how you wanted it, and in whatever order that you want to apply the makeup. Since people have different preferences, what works for others might not work for you. Often times the tutorials that you see on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook is not a look that you can wear every day, and you might wish to get some tips that can actually be useful for day to day makeup. This article will give you four tips that you can try starting any day to enhance your natural beauty.

Bronzer as eyeshadow

Who needs an expensive eyeshadow palette with more than 14 colors when you have your bronzer? Let’s face it, as tempting it is to get a massive eyeshadow palette with many colors, you are not going to use it all. Using your bronzer on your eyelid can give your eyes that golden summer glow that makes your eyes pop in the most subtle way. You will be surprised by how this makeup trick can be a game changer in cutting your time to get ready while making you look like you put a lot of effort into it.

Lipstick for blush

red lipstick

An old but gold trick that your mother probably know as well is to double agent your lipstick as your blush. All you need to do is to make small dots on your cheek with the tip of your lipstick and blend it with your fingers until it looks like you just ran across a field to achieve that fresh blushing cheek.

Mascara for eyebrows

It may sound weird if you haven’t tried it out, but you will be super impressed once you see the result. Even though there is eyebrow mascara product that you can buy at the drugstore or beauty supplies store, you don’t need to spend another dime when you can use a regular mascara. After putting your eyebrows on with pencils or pomade, lightly run your mascara on the eyebrow hair to give it a fuller effect.

Highlighter on your shoulder

makeup brushes

When you get the chance to wear a piece of clothing that shows off your shoulder or collarbone, grab a fluffy makeup brush and your highlighter to brush the top of your bones with it. It will make your shoulder look as mesmerizing as your face and make the bone structure pop up.