Re-do Your Wardrobe in 2018

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Re-do Your Wardrobe in 2018

You don’t necessarily need a new version of you in the new year, but anyone can use a massive re-do in their wardrobe to step up their fashion game, including you. Wearing nice clothes and looking good is a way to boost your confidence, loving yourself more, and be happier in general. There is nothing wrong with being stylish and fashionable, looking presentable is not something that you should be scared of, so continue reading if you want to have a breath of a fresh change in your wardrobe.

Have a vision


The first step is to look for inspiration of what type of clothes that you want to wear more often. If you already have a board on Pinterest filled with clothes that you want to have, then don’t be afraid to make it come true. You can search for inspirations from many celebrities, characters in movies, and many more. There is no rule to how many styles do you want to have, as long as it is nothing but the current one that you have.

Let go of your old clothes

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The hardest part of doing a makeover of your wardrobe is to let go of the old ones. You may feel attached to some of it emotionally, but it no time you will move on and forget about it. Try your best to donate as many as you can and look at it in a positive way that the clothes will be worn by someone who is in need of them. And don’t even try to keep those pieces that you have never worn but keep swearing on the day that you will because the chances are that day may never come.

Shop the basics first

Usually, people forgot to shop for the basics when buying new clothes. When you prioritize purchase basic clothing item, you will find it easier to change your style and wear that piece every day slowly. When your collection of essentials is enough, then you can move on to party clothes, summer, and other stuff.

Only keep your best clothes

The one and only key to always look good is never to keep something that is just okay in your book. Make sure that you only have clothes that look great on you in your wardrobe. Therefore there is no day or chance where you can look just like the old version of you.